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Day 15 Warp Factor One

Up early again!!! Cycled down the Bridgewater to Taunton tow path - lots of very protective swans looking after their cygnets.

A lovely feature of the canal is the interpretation of our planetary system. There are models of all the planets and our Sun spaced along the 12 mile section of towpath to scale. I think I’ve cracked space travel- across our planetary system in less than an hour!

Across to North Tawton today to stay with Peter Cripps, who I met at St Mary’s last year. As a 17 year old, Peter played trumpet (and a solo ) at Her Majesty’s coronation in 1953! He was recently invited to Harry and Megan’s wedding but declined citing the fact that his was youngest granddaughter was getting married on the same day and she had booked it first!

On to penultimate day tomorrow I'm cycling from North Tawton to St Newlyn East 69 miles where I will be staying with an old friend Simon Brown. We go back many years (35?) and it will be good to see him and Lucy again. Not sure how the legs are today as I have no feeling in them (or anywhere else really)

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